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Cathy Merrill taking the gold!

USAF Armwrestling is the only US Armwrestling association that is legally recognized by the following:

  • WAF - World Armwrestling Federation
  • NAAF - North American Armwrestling Federation
  • GAISF  - Global Association of International Sports Federations 
  • IPC - International Paralympic Committee 


Simon Berriochoa is the President  of USAF Armwrestling, President of NAAF and Vice President of WAF.

Upcoming Team USA Events

North American Championships 2020


Team USA is forming to compete at the North American Armwresling Championship in Chiapas, Mexico.  Register today if you are interested in claiming your spot.  

Pan American Championships


 Team USA is forming to compete at the Pan American Armwresling Championship in San Jose, Costa Rica June 11-13, 2020.  More info coming soon!  

World Championships


The 2019 World Championships will be held in Constanta, Romania, October 26 - November 4, 2019

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The mission of USAF Armwrestling is to develop the sport of armwrestling in the United States of America, it is to facilitate and grow the annual USAF Armwrestling National Championship event each and every year, and to develop and advance the armwrestling athletes of the United States within the sport here in the USA and abroad.   

USAF Armwrestling is the sole entity that is not bound to the regulations of any other organization in respect to the rules, policies, or the functional operations of the USAF Armwrestling or any USAF Armwrestling event.

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